CB Radio

Having a CB Radio in your motorhome is a great idea, gone are the days when kids all over the place were using a CB Radio to shout at each other they are all on the internet doing that now, the airwaves are a lot better place to be these days.

You can get a CB Radio for £49 plus the aerial and cables for £30, i chose the Midland FM/AM from Maplins for £89 just because i like the Midland but nearly all CB Radios are of superb quality no matter how much you pay, it’s just personal preference.

CB Radio Motorhome

CB Radio fitted in our motorhome (Pictured above)

Let’s think about the benefits of having a CB Radio in your motorhome…

  • We wave at each other when we pass but with CB Radio you can say a quick hello as well
  • We buy all the books, maps and guides but with a CB Radio we can also pass on useful travel stopovers, Aires and campsite information whilst on the road for free and in real time with other CB Radio users we pass on our travels
  • If you are travelling with other friends in motorhomes you can stay in touch whilst driving
  • Discover new places with other users when on the road
  • Get weather warnings from other motorhome users if you are travelling in the winter months

Once you have your CB Radio installed in your motorhome there are no other on going costs, you do not even have to have a licence anymore and the radio can be great companion when you are travelling alone, the more motor home users have a CB Radio installed the better it becomes for everyone, if you do not wish to be disturbed whilst travelling you can always turn it off.

CB Radio Questions and Answers

Q. Can i use a CB Radio Abroad? A. Sure, you can use the UK FM frequency anywhere in Europe and beyond, most CB Radios have changeable bands that are finely tuned for the Country that you are travelling in but i have found the UK frequency works perfectly anywhere

Q. What is the range of a CB Radio? A. It depends on the weather conditions, terrain and having a good aerial set up but anywhere from a few miles to 10 Miles easily!

Q. What channel do i use to say hello to passing users? A. Channel 19 is the normal hello channel, once you make a conversation just choose another channel for you both to carry on chatting, Channel 9 is for an emergency calling only

Q. Do i need to learn all the lingo? A. Not at all… Just chat in your normal way and you will be fine

Q. What about all the background noise and chat? A. Just turn the squelch control about half way, then you will only hear local users near you

Q. Will the CB Radio be used much when travelling abroad? A. Sure you will pick up many foreign languages on your CB Radio but when a fellow UK Motorhome passes you by you will feel at home chatting in English, unless you can speak a foreign language anyway!

Q. Do CB Radios still use AM or is this illegal? A. AM is illegal in the UK and some other country’s but it is still used a lot in Europe, you can get a new CB Radio that has both FM/AM switchable that is legal to use in nearly all country’s FM is very popular in Europe.

Here are a few excellent websites if you need more information about fitting or buying a CB Radio in your motorhome.




  1. Just fitted a midland in to my van.

    Now to start driving and calling I guess. Have you had many contacts? Are they mainly people you see on the road with an antenna?

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