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Keith and Tracey’s small motorhome adventure chasing the Winter Sun 🙂

After leaving www.expressbookers.co.uk because of issues their was no need to hang around and do nothing!

We had our motorhome for over a year so we decided now was time to get on the open road and have a break from it all and it was winter weather in the Isle of Man… so the furniture went into storage and the rented house handed back to the estate agents, we will return and pick up life in the Isle of Man in the future

We had no great plans, just get on the road and drive, first stop France and then onto Spain that sunshine must be somewhere out there! This blog is not a detailed account of everything we did on our trip more than like a record of our stop overs and tips we picked up on the way that might help others deciding to do the same thing.


Keith & Tracey

  1. We have been over to France, spain and Portugal many times and still some of the places you have been to, we haven`t so when we plan to go very soon we will visit the places you have been to. thanks for your interesting blog.

  2. Hi. We have been searching Carrefoiur for the Tarax product. Can you give us any idea which one it is. There are cleaning gels and unblockers so not sure which you are recommending. Thanks in advance for your reply

    • I have been on the Tarax website and it looks like they have stopped selling the product 😦 http://www.tarax.fr/

      • Thanks very much. I have been trawling the French camping car websites and find that most people also hate paying large amounts for chemicals. The most popular alternative is someting called Bouillie Bordelaise which can be bought at supermarkets and garden centres. Strangely enough we had just bought some to treat our fruit trees!! It has a copper sulphate base which is same as other chemicals. You put in two scoops(provided) with a small amount of water . The box I bough makes 200 litres and costs about 6 euros. Apparently it is quite safe and a bio product. Add a small amount of scented disinfectant to the occasional flush to keep sweet.

        We are just off on out first outing with our new (secondhand ) van next weekend so will let you know if it works well. Just going to take a short run down to La Roche Bernard on River Vilaine and then cross over into the Vendee/ Isle de Noirmoutier for a few days to try everything out and get used to handling. In June we plan to do the canal de Midi from Toulouse to Beziers and then down to Roses in Spain. Back across the Pyrenees to Biarritz and then a few days in San Sebastian before heading home to Brittany.

        In winter we plan to be away for three months doing Southern Spain and Portugal.

        Thanks for all you info about the aires etc. We are happy to add to them as we go;

        Are you planning another trip in the coming months?

  3. very interesting read indeed.have taken copious notes etc. we live in south-west france and have an adria matrix campingcar. will be off again soon on our travels, with our two cats.

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