Let’s get a motorhome!

The title of this blog seems self explanatory, if only it was that easy!

The final choice was made after much deliberation, a Burstner Nexxo T660, read on for the trials and deliberations leading up to the final decision making moment.

Our first idea was to self build a motorhome using a 10 year old Mercedes ambulance that was to be auctioned from the Isle of Man ambulance service but after all the initial excitement of this new found bargain it all started going pear shaped after they decided not to sell the ambulance for another 10 months, could we wait that long?

So it was back to the drawing board, we travelled from the Isle of Man to the UK a few times over the next few months looking at second hand motorhomes at dealers from all across the UK, having to endure such strange questions from dealers like what layout are you looking for, what’s your budget, coach built or A Class? This was all confusing at first but after reading many motorhome magazines like MMM & Practical Motorhome we were getting to grips with all this new jargon and realised at this point we needed more research before committing to anything.

The choice of second hand motorhomes was huge and the different layouts seemed never ending and we could not agree on any interior design or layout that we both liked but Tracey was having other ideas, every time i was looking at something that came close to our needs, Tracey was eyeing up the new models that seemed to be ticking all the right boxes our second hand motorhome search was doomed for failure and i found myself caving in, the lure of a new motorhome with all the nice fabrics and features had our search starting all over again so it was back to drawing board for the third time!

Our dreams of the open road ahead seemed to be a long distance away from reality at this point in time but we persevered and headed of the the Lincoln end of season motorhome show only to find this a disappointment as there where mostly second hand models on sale, leaving the show and heading home we had a day spare so decided to visit Emm Bees Motorhomes in Bury (www.emm-bee.co.uk) on our way home, arriving outside we felt this was a wasted journey as they were not a very large dealer but we had a look anyway and the second van we spotted was the one that finally ticked all the right boxes! So the motto of the story, never give up on your search as you never know what’s just around the corner.

Read our full review of our Burstner Nexxo T660 here https://fulltiming.wordpress.com/category/burstner-nexxo-t660-review/


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  1. Does anyone know if there’s a way to reserve campsites without having to pay til you get there?

    • Never done that before as i have only travelled in the winter months when the campsites have room, you could try booking one on their own website and see what your options are?

  2. The caravan club allows you to do this once a member.

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